[[#Week 8 | "The Fix"]]Week 8 | "The Fix"
external image fix.jpg
external image fix.jpg

[[#Week 8 | "The Fix"-Read​]]Read

Read the short story "The Fix" by Percival Everett here: The Fix.pdf

[[#Week 8 | "The Fix"-Respond]]Respond

Click on the discussion tab and make 2-3 responses. Click back to Home to see the original requirements for length, etc.
  • Argue whether or not Sheila's arguments about Douglas at the beginning are valid.
  • Why does Douglas fix things?
  • Did he jump? How do you know?
  • Why does Sherman call himself “the empty sea”?
  • connections to Post-Modernism
  • question about Magic Realism?
  • connections to your novel

[[#Week 8 | "The Fix"-Research]]Research

Look at some background information about Everett below: